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Founded by famous criminal defense lawyer. Vishal Saini handles a variety of cases ranging from minor cases to serious legal issues. He understands the trauma, stress, and anxiety one has to go through when you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense.
This is why he is dedicated to providing strong legal guidance and assistance to clients charged with criminal offenses. He carefully explores all possible defense strategies and successfully presents your case before the court.
Advocate and Legal Consultancy
Advocate and Legal Consultancy
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At Saini-law firm, we believe that every single accused has the right to get a fair & speedy trial. Vishal Saini has been serving as a successful criminal defense lawyer in India. He runs far more contested trials with different legal issues that are different than most of the local defense counsel which gives him an edge over other lawyers practicing in Kurukshetra. In comparison to different legal advisors, he follows an unmistakable cycle while helping customers by guaranteeing that they comprehend the extent of what can be normal from a case rather than simply making dubious verbal guarantees. Regardless of how complex a case, his sole center is to speak to his customers to the best of his abilities. So that Clients will get the Best Result. Our clients will consistently find Vishal Saini shielding them tenaciously to secure them and their privileges. Feel Free to Contact Us at +91-9991188899

Good Experience
Vishal Saini Advocate has Good experience in diffrent types of Criminal/Civil & Matrimonial cases
Good Communicator
Good Communication is always way to success. At saini law we have the ability to communicate in an organized and understandable manner. The attorney should have a good "bedside manner" and have good judgment as to when in-person communications or e-mail is most appropriate.
Availability and Proximity
Even nowadays, when most business interactions are done via phone or email, you need to have the option to physically meet your counselor at least once, depending on the complexity of your case. That’s why it would be better for your lawyer to be somewhere where you can reach them without too much trouble.
Comfort and Communication
Here our Clients are really comfortable in telling their version of Story
Listening Skills
As a lawyer, it is important that one is skilled at speaking, but it is also essential that one listens. Listening is intricately associated with the job description of a lawyer. A lawyer should be a patient listener
100% Confidentiality
client confidentiality is our highest priority

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As an accused, is it necessary for me to go the court?

Yes, it is necessary for a person who is accused of a criminal case to appear on every date but If you file a document called a "Power of Attorney" to appear for all the proceedings on your behalf, then you don’t need to go to court every time. Your counsel can file exemption on your behalf, However, there are exceptions to this rule where your attendance in court is required. For example, when the court is pronouncing a sentence when you’re entering a plea, or for your trial.

I have been arrested. What should I do ?

The first thing that you should do is to request to speak with a lawyer immediately. you have the right to consult a lawyer when you’re arrested or detained. Once informed that you wish to speak with a lawyer, the police officer cannot ask you further questions until you get a chance to talk to your lawyer in private. You can contact Vishal Saini at for legal assistance

I’m innocent. Why should I even worry about these charges?

There are many cases of innocent persons being wrongfully convicted of crimes that they have not committed. In the absence of a professional representation, you can get dragged into the matter and face penalties for the crime you are not a part of. You don’t need to worry about the charges if your lawyer has prepared a strong case and he/she knows how to use the evidence in your favor.

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