Child Custody lawyer

Child Custody lawyer

Child Custody Lawyer/Advocate When there is the separation of couples in contested divorce there is a serious question about who will get custody of children? and on what situations you can claim  custody on your children from your spouse this question comes to the mind of every single individual Child custody consists of legal custody of the


There are several offenses related to organized crime such as forming a criminal organization, conspiring to commit a crime, and trafficking of controlled substances (drugs). If you’re found guilty, then it could lead to lengthy penitentiary sentences according to Indian law. Organized crime charges are difficult to defend against because of their multifaceted nature. Each


  With advanced science and technology, the procedure of challan is also upgraded nowadays police can challan you Online also If you are found doing violating traffic rules. In the absence of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, it could lead to serious penalties such as an Imprisonment/fine or both, driver’s license suspension. Impaired Driving, ‘Over


Criminal Lawyer In Kurukshetra, Haryana CRIME AGAINST PROPERTY Are you looking for a criminal lawyer? Feel Free to contact Vishal Saini Advocate at 99911 88899 he is a criminal lawyer in Kurukshetra, Haryana. We are dedicated to providing strong legal advice and guidance as well as assistance to our clients charged with criminal offences  We


Generally speaking, a sexual offence is a sexually motivated touching of another person without that person’s consent. Consent occurs when the complainant voluntarily agrees to the sexual activity in question but there are certain cases where a ‘factual’ consent does not constitute a ‘legal’ consent. For instance, consider a case where the complainant is under


Possession of a weapon without a valid license is an offence according to the Criminal Code of India. If the person is found possessing a firearm, committing an offence using a weapon, causing bodily harm to someone using a firearm, possessing prohibited weapons, trafficking and importing weapons, possessing a weapon with the intention to threaten


Being charged with a criminal offence under the Criminal Court of Canada is a stressful experience for both the accused and his/her family. The situation becomes worse if you don’t have an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you. Here at Saini Law, Vishal Saini has extensive experience in defending individuals charged with a criminal offence

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A Criminal Defense Advocate/Legal Practioner has a very important role in a criminal trial. Facing a criminal allegation is a very stressful and painful experience for any individual and his/her family life. In one phase of everyone’s life, we have to visit the court in small or large crimes. sometimes it’s even a fake accusation