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Founded by famous criminal defense lawyer Shri Vishal Saini. He handles a variety of cases ranging from minor cases to serious legal issues. He understands the trauma, tension, stress, and anxiety one has to go through when you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense. This is why he is dedicated to providing strong legal guidance and assistance to clients charged with criminal offenses. He carefully explores all possible defense strategies and successfully presents your case before the court. That’s why he is considered as Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

Who is Vishal Saini?

He is the Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

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Best Lawyer in Haryana is Vishal Education Qualifications:-

Vishal Saini has completed his BA.LL.B(Hons),  and after this, he has completed LL.M From Kurukshetra University. He scored 7.02/10  in Masters of Law. (LLM)

that is why Vishal Saini is the Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

Legal field:-

Shri Vishal Saini is then Appointed as OATH COMMISSIONER By Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court. So his name was published in Official Gazette. Vishal Saini is a criminal lawyer currently practicing in District and Session Courts Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. But He is serving clients from all parts of India for the past many years. Which Gives him Edge as Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

                   He is experienced in defending clients at the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India,  Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High-Court & District & Session Courts,  t against all types of crime like:- Assault (U/s 351 of Indian Penal Code,1860), violence (U/s153,295,295A,505 of IPC ), homicide (U/s299 of  IPC), drug-related offenses (NDPS, ACT), sexual offences (U/s 292,294,354,370,371,372,376,377 of IPC), organized crimes (U/s 120B of IPC), weapons offenses (offenses under The Arms Act 1959), driving offenses (offenses under provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988), robbery (U/s 392 of IPC), fraud (U/s 421& 17 of IPC and Indian Contract Act,1872 respectively), crimes of dishonesty (Including Dishonesty as defined U/s 24 of IPC), and all other types of criminal offenses. That’s why Vishal Saini is the Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

Our first aim is to get Bail for our clients. After that, we continue with the trial. Feel Free to Call Us Now 99911 88899

This is one of the reasons why Vishal Saini Is the Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra

Why Choose Saini Law Firm ? is Saini Law the Best Lawyer in Kurukshetra?

Click Here To Read My Success Story:-At Saini-law firm, we believe that every single accused has the right to get a fair & speedy trial. Vishal Saini has been serving as a successful criminal defense lawyer in India.

                         He runs far more contested trials with different legal issues that are different than most of the local defense counsel which gives him an edge over other lawyers practicing in Kurukshetra. In comparison to different legal advisors, he follows an unmistakable cycle while helping customers by guaranteeing that they comprehend the extent of what can be normal from a case rather than simply making dubious verbal guarantees. Regardless of how complex a case, his sole center is to speak to his customers to the best of his abilities.

So that Clients will get the Best Result. Our clients will consistently find Vishal Saini shielding them tenaciously to secure them and their privileges.
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As a result, he is the Best lawyer in Kurukshetra

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