Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Criminal Defense Advocate/Legal Practioner has a very important role in a criminal trial.

Facing a criminal allegation is a very stressful and painful experience for any individual and his/her family life. In one phase of everyone’s life, we have to visit the court in small or large crimes. sometimes it’s even a fake accusation of crime. But most civilized countries’ laws have laws like the accused is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty. Since our Indian Constitution is based on the fundamental that 100’s can be unpunished, But Never Punish An Innocent Person.

Under Indian Constitutional law Article 14 ( Right to equality) and Article 20 (prohibits self-incrimination). Moreover, as per Judicial activism, a wider ambit has been given to the right to life and personal liberty. The accused are given as human treatments even in Jails

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Best Advocate in Kurukshetra

Best Criminal Lawyer in Kurkshetra is Vishal Saini

Address of Shri Vishal Saini Advocate is chamber no 540, Multi Story Building District Court , Kurukshetra

Who is Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Finding the Best Criminal defense lawyer nowadays is most important for everyone’s case. As per Data from research, approximately a quarter of lawyers leave the profession within the first 7 years. Everyone needs to know who is the best lawyer in India, or who is the best criminal defense lawyer in your state. In fact, the best lawyer word is dynamic it keeps changing with time. A best criminal defense lawyer has a great impact on the life of their clients however, we can’t define the term “Best lawyer”.

Right to Choose Lawyer

Article 22  clause (1) of the Indian Constitution provides the provision of a legal practitioner of own choice. This article also provides that an arrested person cannot be detained without informing him/her on grounds of arrest.

So if you are arrested by police you can ask them if you want to consult your advocate and the police will let you contact your advocate. Even as per section 50 (1) of Cr.PC the individual has the same right.

There are many more rights like the right to be taken before a magistrate without any delay, the right to have a free and speedy trial, the right to get examined by a medical practitioner, right to get copies of documents.

Do police have the power to beat you?

You must know the rights of the accused as explained here:

like we see in movies questions arise in the mind of many people can police beat anyone? like we see in movies the answer to this question is NO. Police can’t beat you. if you are aware of your right police can’t even try to beat you.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

There’s a lot to play when it comes to the legal representation of defending our clients.

As the criminal jurisprudence system is very complex to understand by a common man. There are two kinds of defense advocates the one is a court-appointed advocate for a particular case and the other is a private advocate paid by the defendant himself/herself

some criminals can afford to hire a private defense advocate

The criminal defense advocate research the facts, investigate the case and protect the interest of their client at every stage.

Why there is a need for a Criminal Defense advocate. 

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, like Murder, Rape, Drugs Case, Dowry Death, Attempt to Commit Suicide, Causing Hurt, Using Force, Kidnapping, Stalking, Robbery, Dacoity, Criminal Breach of Trust, Forgery, Bigamy, Cruelty (498-A), Defamation, Criminal Intimidation, etc In Indian Penal Code 1860 or any other Special or local laws. You must be looking for a Criminal Defence Lawyer that can defend your case since common men/women are not aware of their rights and how to defend themselves or their families in tough times. After connecting with a good advocate you can ultimately win your case or there is high probability that you will get out from trial on the benefit of the doubt. You have the legal right to defend yourself from false/wrong cases on you. You should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Shri. Vishal Saini (M) 9991188899 to ensure a  speedy and fair trial


Vishal Saini of Saini Law firm can help those who have been charged with criminal and regulatory offences. With more than 10 years of experience in field of law, Vishal Saini moves toward each case with unequalled devotion and the eventual benefit of his clients as a primary concern. Call Now +91-99911-88899 and feel free to Consult Vishal Saini Advocate For your case.


The best Criminal lawyer in Haryana is Vishal Saini Advocate

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