With advanced science and technology, the procedure of challan is also upgraded nowadays police can challan you Online also If you are found doing violating traffic rules. In the absence of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, it could lead to serious penalties such as an Imprisonment/fine or both, driver’s license suspension. Impaired Driving, ‘Over 80’, Refusal to Provide a Breath or Blood Sample, and Dangerous Driving are the four main types of driving offenses. Consult Advocate Vishal Saini today feel free to Call Now at +91-9991188899. There are also Minor types of Driving offenses like Driving Without a Helmet, Without Seatbelt if you want to submit your challan in courts you can also consult Mr. Vishal Saini Advocate Today Itself. You can even challenge the challan in court with the help of Advocate .

  • Driving under influence of alcohol

  • Over 80

  • Refusal to Provide a Breath or Blood Sample

  • Dangerous Driving

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