How to fight False Dowry Case Registered on you/yourfamily

In a common man’s life when he and his family are accused of a false dowry case then it’s really a great tension in family life but all you need is a good lawyer to guide you about how to defend a false dowry case.

Fighting the Dowry case is easy if you have a good criminal lawyer or Criminal Defense lawyer what things you need to keep in mind is Article 14 of the Constitution of India which provides equality before law Moreover.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court in Siddharam Satingappa Mhetre Vs. state of Maharashtra, 2011(1) RCR (Criminal) 126 held as under:-

Criminal Misc. No.37657 of 2012 and “The arrest should be the last option and it should be restricted to those exceptional cases where arresting the accused is imperative in the facts and circumstances of that case.”

Following are steps you need to consider:-

Step 1: Step 1 is always simple just face the police without fear, you will not be arrested immediately, only after investigation the next steps will be taken by the police. Seek intervention from a Criminal lawyer if needed. 

Step 2: If you try to evade the cops, the chances are an FIR will be registered against you and you may get arrested. You can exercise your right to Anticipatory bail or get regular bail (after arrest)  and be prepared to file with help of your criminal lawyer.

Step 3: Counter Attack is the best safeguard, in a large portion of the cases I have seen and managed about the charges quashed against the spouse on the first hearing itself. Have a look at your income report of the previous year and make a definite rundown of things traded as gifts, the financial exchanges that happened in Cash/Bank, and keep it with you. For future reference in court, it can be useful for anticipatory bail and regular bail also in a false dowry case. Since it’s very easy to prove the true facts on the basis of proof.

Step 4: In the event that you end up finding that the bills/receipts are bogus, File a Sales Tax avoidance appeal with the sales tax office, GST office, and other tax departments  Odds are the Gold/Dimond dealer will be exposed to request and don’t be amazed they also will confront the brunt of plotting for this situation.

Step 5:Besides proceeding with the assault since assault is the best safeguard you can record an instance of submitting bogus reports to the court. Not restricting here you can likewise document numerous cases conjuring different sections of IPC like 120B (Criminal Conspiracy), 191 (False Evidence), 197 (False declaration), 499/500 (Defamation), 420 (Cheating), Section 9 of CPC for harm, 468, 471,474 and so on (Imitation of archives against diamond/Gold jewelry maker and different parties)

You can File RTI on a complaint that is being registered on you. If you don’t know how to file RTI click here to know.





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