There are several offenses related to organized crime such as forming a criminal organization, conspiring to commit a crime, and trafficking of controlled substances (drugs). If you’re found guilty, then it could lead to lengthy penitentiary sentences according to Indian law.

Organized crime charges are difficult to defend against because of their multifaceted nature. Each case is different and requires a different approach to deal with. Vishal Saini of Saini Law understands the importance of adapting legal strategy according to the case. That’s why he can be trusted to defend people charged with organized crime. He is an experienced criminal defense lawyer with over 10 years working in legal practice. His expertise in handling organized crime cases includes matters involving:

  • Criminal Organisation

  • Conspiracy to Commit a Criminal Offence

  • Trafficking of Controlled Substances Such as Drugs

  • Possession of Drugs for the Purpose of Trafficking

  • Simple Possession

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