Action Speaks Better than Words. So, here are some of the Famous Cases as Mentioned Below:-

These are the Reasons Why Vishal Saini is more Successful than any other Lawyer

1. State of Haryana V/s Rajesh alias Candy (Famous Candy Baba Case).

Vishal Saini is Advocate in Famous Candy Baba Fraud Case (Candy Baba is Accused of 100 Crores Fraud). FIR No 603/2019 P.s Thanesar City and other 31 FIR was registered on Candy Baba and after that Vishal Saini is Handling the Famous Controversial case. We always aim that our clients get benefits and they must get a fair trial and Justice. You can read articles below:-

Candy Baba Fraud Times of India

Candy Baba Advocate Vishal Saini

Result:- Co-Accused Shamim alias Jadugar got Bail in FIR no 603/2019 Via Order Dated 09/09/2020.



2. State of Rajasthan V/s Surendra Singh (Famous Rajsthan ASI Molestation Case ).

Early History

Police were not even registering FIR  as in this case a complaint was made against ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector)   despite of Various Protest by the people. But then Victim Approached Vishal Saini Advocate

Application of Legal Mind

But Once Vishal Saini Advocate guided their clients about law points then-Police officers were bounded by law to register FIR NO. 177/2020 Police Station Nimrana, District Alwar, Rajasthan and Hence, as a result, ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) was Arrested and Suspended on the same day

You can read articles below:- 

Rajsthan Asi Arrested


Result: FIR was Registered and the officer was suspended on the same day and Trial is pending in the court Now.


3. State of Haryana V/ Sohan Lal (Famous Hospital Locking Case of Kurukshetra)

In This case, there were 10 Accused. Sohan Lal was Client of Vishal Saini Sohan Lal along with 9 other accused was charged Under Section 148,149,323,332,353 of Indian Penal Code, 1860, Other 9 Accused were arrested and have to go in Jail but Vishal Saini Advocate used his Legal Mind as a result Sohan Lal gets Anticipatory Bail (Before Arrest Bail) U/s 438 CrPC and  Further Regular Bail was given to him.

Order Details:-


Result: First Anticipatory Bail was Granted to Sohan Lal then Regular  Bail was Granted to Sohan Lal and further 9 other Accused Approached Vishal Saini Advocate to get Bail.

These Above Said Articles Make Vishal Saini Advocate More Successful than any other lawyers


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