Possession of a weapon without a valid license is an offence according to the Criminal Code of India. If the person is found possessing a firearm, committing an offence using a weapon, causing bodily harm to someone using a firearm, possessing prohibited weapons, trafficking and importing weapons, possessing a weapon with the intention to threaten or intimidate someone and/or using an imitation weapon for committing an indictable offence, then he/she if convicted can be charged with committing weapons offences. In the absence of an experienced criminal lawyer, the accused person, if found guilty, can face serious sentences and penalties under the law.

Vishal Saini of Saini Law can help if you or a person you know is charged with a weapons related offence. His expertise in the field of defence law makes him well aware of how to best handle weapons offence cases such as:

  • Possession of Weapons

  • Firearms and Other Prohibited Weapons


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